Typing Speed

While these next few sections aren’t necessary to becoming a developer, they do help aid you in your ascent towards DevMountain and becoming a more well-rounded developer.

Let’s imagine for a moment that you own a package delivery service and you need to hire a delivery driver. You have two applicants; one who knows how to drive a large truck, knows the city well and has prior experience and one applicant who doesn’t know how to drive even a regular sized car and doesn’t know the city well.


You will most likely choose the applicant that has the experience. This is the same thing as being a developer. Knowing the basics of a computer like file extensions, keyboard shortcuts and typing speed are all attributes that will help you become a better developer.

Using the example of having a delivery company, let’s imagine you hired a driver that would only drive 10 MPH, had to constantly check which gear they were in and would routinely stop to make sure their foot was on the right pedal. You would be out of luck as the owner and would probably have to let go of that employee.

experience truck

Think of your typing speed as the delivery driver. The faster and more efficiently you can type, the more usable code you will be able to contribute to your work or personal projects.

Since the type of typing you will be doing as a developer is rather unique, we suggest checking out this resource for practicing code related things. Click on JavaScript to get started.

Here is a link for general typing speed.

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